Diana Miraval

What makes us and holds us serene and happy is mere activity and the play of children is the manifestation of a serious activity” Jean Paul.
My name is Diana, I am Italian, and I come from a small town of green hills in the Treviso Province. My grateful love towards children came out of the gaze full of devotion and respect that every day I received from my father´s eyes. This warm devotion is continuous to be an impulse at the time of caring for children. I hold a Primary Education degree and I have worked for 5 years as a primary Waldorf teacher at the “Association per la Pedagogía Waldorf La Cruna”, nowadays called “Libera Scuola Steiner Waldorf Novalis” in Zoppé di San Vendemiano; 2002-2007.
I continue to be profoundly grateful to all children and parents of my classroom for the path we have undergone together and to all teachers at the Novalis school for my pedagogical day by day training, didactics and artistic subjects that instructed me. I am also grateful to the teaching staff for its pedagogical and social work and for the entrepreneurial impulse that so much benefit has brought upon my caretaking work and the education of children.
“The most beautiful we can give to children is roots and wings” Australian Proverb.
I have been living in Seville for 10 years by now and as from2008 I have worked at a downtown hostel in Seville. The equilibrium at the time of waiting and understanding people of different regions of the world as well as managing the good functioning of the company have developed my creativity, my social competences and it has also strengthened my understanding that a path begins by acknowledging that there is and that as from there it is healthy to look for resources and potentialities.
In 2013 my daughter was born. She is today my wise morning star and the reason why I have come back to Waldorf training and teaching. The observation of the child and its environment, an awakened and thoughtful attitude towards daily activity and its development are mood gestures that accompany my thoughts, my feelings and my work.
Profoundly moved by the beauty and strength of nature my first memories as a child are The Swiss Alps, the Dolomites and snow. I love trekking and climbing. Another important source of training and inspiration in my life and work have been poetry, philosophy pictorial art of men through the centuries, Russian literature and classical music. I have started writing at the age of 17, I have been part of a choir as a soprano, I have done acting and dancing acting for 10 years.
“In infancy the natural sense of admiration and curiosity-if it is allowed to grow- form the nucleus of any quest of knowledge in the future” Rudolf Steiner.

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